14 Gauge shotshell by F. Joyce & Co

Can anyone tell me any more information about this shotshell? I am interested in age, rarity etc.

Thanks for any info.

Harding [British Companies volume] doesn’t give a date for that headstamp, nor does he show it, however he does show a similar wording & layout [pg 29] but with serifs & lists it with a copper head & the case marked Watertight Gastight. This with the copper head would be early, as pin fires of Joyce’s exist with a copper head. [I have a 14 bore PF with a raised F. JOYCE LONDON headstamp showing a copper head, but no serifs to the letters]. The copper head is uncommon with English pin fires & the “ELEY LONDON 1861” dated headstamp also has a copper head.

The paper being plain brown would be an inexpensive hull & was perhaps sold for reloading to game keepers, as not a Joyce over shot card.

Again according to Harding: Fredrick Joyce was born in 1833 & was killed in the factory 14 Oct. 1878.

Harding goes on to say: In 1888 a company entitled F. Joyce & Company Ltd was formed.

My thoughts/guesses (Wild A) are; this shell would be ca 1888 to 1895 or so, again as a guess, mostly due to the low base, cheap hull paper & looks to be a BP load

It’s a headstamp I don’t have, so should you come across another… (in any bore)

Thanks for the reply Pete.

It does appear that this shell is loaded with black powder due to the corrosion around the top of the brass base.