14 mm Gevelot Wad Box

Does anybody know what the letter stand for after the description of the contents in this Gevelot Wad Box?

Wads (Bourres) A C, what does the A C stand for?
White Card (Cartons Blancs) O, what does the O stand for?

The partitions in the box are not marked as such!

Box Lid


Anybody have any ideas?
Interesting that the control slip is in English???


My French sucks, but…

Bourres grasses grises = Fat grey wads
Bourres = Wads
Blancs = White
Glaces = Ice, or Ice Cream

So… yea, that did not help, not at all, but I gave it the old college try!

@BadgerJack, Thanks nice try, but I pretty much got the French part of it, it is the letters that have me baffled.

Only thing I have been wondering is if Gevelot supplied a “standard” reloading table/chart in which the items were identified with a letter?
Just a thought, anyway.


Hi Mike,

These are codes, but I don’t have a list explaining all of them because some were added/dropped along the years. Here is the purpose of the ones in your box:

AC = Non-greased grey felt wad.
O = Top cardboard disc (“top wad”).
P = Waterproof disc (placed between powder and a greased wad).

Also, you can find thickness variations in the same model, but this is no always specified in the box.



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Thanks Fede.

I have a good selection of these boxes of wads & cards, most are full and complete and some are part boxes. Although French and not really my thing I do like them so have kept many of them. That lettering on the description had got me puzzled and has been bugging me for some time but I could not find a list or chart to tell me what they are. I may actually have something in one of the catalogues I have, will have to have a look.


Hi Fede,
Following on from your reply, do you have any lists of these letters. I have posted a few more pictures, some are easy to understand (by looking at the contents of the box) “but” I obviously can’t guarantee the contents are correct!.
Been through most of my French reference bits and pieces and have plenty of information on the boxes and contents but nothing on the letters.
You can see then on some of the boxes in the pictures.


Then I have a few boxes that have no description just a code letter; as below.
Which I would now take to be a box of Over Shot Cards (reference your reply).


and then I have others which some descriptions and some with letters (on the same box).


Mike, I’ll send you scans from a catalog to your mail.



Thank you Fede, a great help.

Best regards,