15.24x40 R Krnka

Thanks guys! WOW! I kinda figured they would be pricy


Is there a coiled case Krnka as well?
Saw one today. Dimensions seems to match.

There is a composite case, less coiled than with a straight seam at the side of the case wall where the rolled case body is connecting + a head section which is somehow crimped to that. These were made by field workshops for immediate consumption. That may explain why they are quite rare.

Yes, the seam was straight. Pictures anywhere?
Another question: Was there another, blunter bullet type? Or is my other Krnka a crude reload?

Here is a link for local Ukrainian site with some Krnka cartridge pictures

And comparison between the dimentions of Krnka cartridge and base of the Russian cartridge for Gun fortress rifle


You asked about price, in our sale 6 lot 364, one sold for $450.00 + buyer premium.[/quote]


I do not have that catalog. What shape was it in. Heavy patina, light, bright and shiny??? White fuzzy lead??? I am looking to buy a pair in VG condition with light patina. Its hard to find prices.