15.24x40R Krnka round from river Vit


The history of this cartridge (15.24x40R mm for Krnka conversion from muzzle-loading to breach-loading rifle) is even more interesring. At one moment it was captured by Turks (aparently they had some captured Knka rifles and was going to use it), and when Osman Pasha was going to be captured the Turks dumped it in the Vit river togeter with Snider, Peabody-Martini and Egyptian Remington rounds. Except the pictures from Krnka I’ll add some pics of Egyptian Remington found right there in the same river.
This is the pictures of Krnka round

This is the pictures of Egyptian Remington

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Any idea about the maker of the Egyptian round? I have an almost identical round in my collection, with the same flat primer and without headstamps


I suppose it is of Turkish origin. The Turks had an Egyptian battalion under its command (I’m not sure is that battalion or some other unit) in Plevna and they had made cartridges for them. But this is only a guess. So I suppose these cartridges were made where the Snider and Peabody-Martini rounds were made.
The same flat primer i have on my first Snider round.


I have an Egyptian Remington by the United States Cartridge Co. which this one resembles fairly closely. Mine has the typical copper Farrington primer with a slightly concave face and and the head form is rounded. Jack


As far as I know, the Turks imported components for the cartridges - bullets, primed cases, and only add some own black powder and put them together - this is the majority of their cartridges, but of course, they imported assembled rounds as well, despite of the bigger price. So the origin of that example is unknown for me.