15,2x169 mm for Steyr IWS-2000

I’ve been searching the forums but found zero on this ctrg (except Maxim wanting to trade for one).
As you may or may not know it was used as a flechette/APFSDS round in the experimental Steyr IWS-2000 anti-materiel rifle. Meant to have a very flat trajectory and
Supposedly defeated 40 mm RHA at 1000 meters. Don’t know if this is measured with NATO 60* inclanation of the armor.

Does anyone have any additional pictures, drawings, etc, of this ctrg?
And… does anyone actually have one?
What is the face value of these things out in the wild?

Attaching some pictures I’ve found online:

Notice the steel head/plastic case.

I’m starting to gain an interest in APDS/APFSDS stuff and this one is really making money burn a hole in my pocket.

And yes… I know I’d probably have to convince the people at Santander to let me buy it ;)


some quick snaps. Neat to see a disassembled example.

head nose

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15.2 mm Steyr IWS 2000 Anti-Material Rifle in 15.2mm (.60 caliber) powerpoint.2010s. a.pdf (6.7 MB)


Brian, thanks a lot! Over all the years I never managed to get this doc!

Ole, the only I ever saw for sale was about 1000 Euro like 15 years back.
Since then none were around or just one more only for repsective trade.

Wasn’t he case head made of aluminum?

The head is STEEL

thanks Brian & all the other interesting bits you’ve posted

Thank you Pete for the picture, really cool to see one.
Brian - thanks for the excellent pdf!

Alex - the few websites with info I found (all seemingly from the 90s, or at least retaining html design from those times) stated steel head rather than aluminium.

At 1000€ I guess even Santander isn’t gonna solve it…


The one in your first group photo is mine - the pic is from the Ammo Photo Gallery on my website.

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Of course - I’ve saved it from your website at some point. Hope you don’t mind (tell me if you do) me using it in the thread.
It’s an excellent resource for larger cartridges/shells, so a thank you is in order.


Then it is definately too long ago that I saw one.

Just looking at the Photos, of the gun, it immediately reminded me of the WWII Solothurn S18-1000 20×138RB
Anti-Tank rifle ( semi-auto) used by many Axis countries, Italy in particular (N.Africa).
I wonder if the Steyr rifle is a redesign or resurrection of the
(Steyr-)Solothurn design???
Doc AV

The Solothurn design is short recoil while the Steyr was/is long recoil.
Otherwise I think this kind of design (man-portable, man-fired, high recoil, very long barrel weapon) necessitates a bullpup design with a large bulky receiver. Most if not all guns of this type are indeed bullpup firearms with a large and boxy receiver.


Yep - I’ve just tried a magnet on the base of mine - strongly magnetic.

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