15 mm BESA M38 - eej 1941 - German made

Hello guys,
could anybody help me and post the bullet drawing of the German bullet used in this cartridge? The only marking is “12” on the body of the projectile. Product of Märkisches Walzwerk GmbH.

15 mm BESA (eej 1941) HS

Thanks T.

This is the typical Czech HE-T-SD projectile. Normally these have yellow stamps with a navy acceptance.

Image from the web (the yellow paint job seems to be sorta artist’s fantasy):


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I forgot, the earlier Czech design had a different SD system. It had the tracer burning through and igniting a (black powder?) train which ran centrally through the whole charge/projectile and entered the detonator of the fuze which had an opening at the lower end settin it off then.

Hi Alex, thanks for your info and initial kick off :) … went through my old files from ZVI Armory times and found the technical description of this ammo - unfortunately all in Czech language, but the pictures are really nice showing how the it’s constructed and how the fuse works…

…shall have somewhere the display board of this ammo manufacturing from late 30’s - once discovered, will post the picture.


Tomas, yes! This is the initial design! The cutaway and the one you have shown is most likely a modification under influence of German technology.
As you may know later they switched to German 15mm projectiles taken of the MG151/15 and modified (still do not know how exactly). As the driving band was different it was seated outside the case neck and for this reason the cases were shortened to 101mm then (to still fit the chamber).