152mm Russian artillery shell kit - $300 - SLICS

Is anyone interested in a Russian 152mm kit for $300 (delivered to SLICS)? These kits with HEAVY inert rd from Numrich normally sell for $250 + tax + freight shipping, which gets you closer to $400 to $450. I am driving through Kingston, NY on my way to SLICS next Monday the 15th and could pick up another one along with the one I am getting for myself if anyone wants. After the $250 + tax, I’ll make $30 for the delivery of the beast, but it would save a person $100 or so in shipping cost. I see that ORDANANCEcom on Gunbroker wants $650 + shipping for basically the same thing, but with a polished driving band.


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I wish I was driving to SLICS :)


Yeah, this is sort of a drivers-only item (if they have room).

There is a (literal) TON of good stuff in there to pickup.

I wish I could drive to SLICS

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Flag down a passing cargo ship and claim refuge status seeking political asylum for yourself and your car in the U.S!?!?!? :-)

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I had thought of that but was concerned that those dashed lines may be proposed footings for some sort of a wall…