152mm Shillelagh guided missile (aft cover)


Looks like the case for the MGM-51 shillelagh missile. The fins on the missile would flip outward after being fired and were folded when the missile was mounted in the case. I presume it was electric ignition? The M-551 Sheridan tank fired these, and the 1977 date makes sense for that.

Tanks a lot. Yes, there are 2 wires inside coming from the “primer” spot, I assume it is electric ignition. There are some numbers and stamps inside, very difficult to read, tomorrow I’ll stick the camera inside and try to capture them in a photo, with sun light. What makes no sense in the presence of an ejector groove and a belted arrangement. Or am I wrong? Yes, I am wrong, this missile was designed to be fired from a conventional tank cannon, hence the need for the extractor groove and belted cartridge, must look like a regular cannon shell to fit into the gun. Here is a video of it flying youtube.com/watch?v=qn6YH_4nYEA

What’s the purpose of the side screws?

I think the side srews secure the missile to the case . The fins are bent around leaving one place for the srews.

Western, would you have an image showing the complete missile?




and another picture complete with case.


Western, thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Thank you for photos. The last picture is from a museum. Do you know which museum it is? Also, my case looks like an early stage development cartridge, but the date is 1977. What could it be? Here is a link to M551 Sheridan with photos at the very bottom afvdb.50megs.com/usa/m551.html

@Western & sksvlad
Thanks a lot for the pics. They brighten my ignorance.

Beyond cool! What was the main target for this?


Jason, The main target for this missile was other (Soviet) armor. It was supposed to give an airborne transportable, lightly (aluminum) armored vehicle (read death trap) the punch to go toe to toe with the Soviets finest tanks and last (oh, maybe 3-5 seconds). Besides the missile, the 152 could fire an HE, HEAT and Beehive round. They also made a turret for the M60 with this particular gun. We were generously given some of the turrets with basket (sans tank) by the Army at a later date to use as targets on Camp Swampy. Cheers, Bruce.

Thank you very much for explaining this round and its history to me. Much appreciated!!! Super interesting! I love tank stuff :-)