152mm, XM-657 E2 measurements?


It seems I have another projectile with a missing case. This time it is the 152mm XM-657 E2 from the Sheridan tank. What is it with me and those combustible cases anyway?

My plan is to turn another case from wood on my lathe. Anybody got the dimensions of the case - or maybe just a good photo?

The M-720 fuze seems a little tough too. Got photos of it?

Of course, I will post photos when complete.


You know this? uxoinfo.com/blogcfc/client/i … Ord_Id=P16

Not really what you asked for, but maybe of little help.


Yes, I have seen a similar “drawing” on another website. Both “drawings” look the same, which raises a question.

Does the case have a “reverse taper”? In other words, is it larger at the front than the rear? How does that work?


The case doesn’t look that much reverse tapered at the TP-T and the canister rounds.
dtic.mil/ndia/2007global_dem … 5Smith.pdf


Western, many thanks!

So far that is the only actual photograph I have seen of this round.