155mm Howitzer in Afghanistan

Forum member Keith Hege sent me a link to some photographs taken in Afghanistan. I can’t help but sharing them with you. If you’re like me you will appreciate the job that all those young men and women are doing over there.

Here’s just a sample. A 155mm Howitzer.

boston.com/bigpicture/2008/1 … alley.html


Great images! The Marine in image 14 carries something like a Romanian PSL sniper rifle. Can anyone explain on the background of that?

With all the new and different uniforms, boots and other equipment our military fields or allows to be used, I cannot say if those two soldiers are even Marines. As a former Marine myself, nothing in that picture says “Marines” to me. I suspect some special forces kind of troops here. The PSL could have been recently captured or discovered in a cache. It looks pretty “new”. There has also been a shortage of long range, scoped rifles in the US military, especially in Afghanistan where engagement ranges are often longer than the M-16/M-4 is effective at. Maybe these guys needed a rifle with some “legs” as they say, and found the PSL to be handy to have around. In the field during wartime, the rules and regulations often get bent.


Awesome link and pictures. I totally agree with you Ray about how amazing all the forces are from all over the world who are fighting some of the most evil people on the planet. That 155mm picture is amazing. Gotta love seeing the projectile in mid air. I like seeing how they store the projectiles out of the way of the gun in those ammo sheds.

AKMS, you and all of your fellow Marines are just off the charts BAD AS_ and that is a understatement!


Thank you Ray.

Fantastic photo’s !


I’m almost ashamed to admit that I have not paid much attention to that “other war”, the one in Afghanistan. These images have opened my eyes, big-time.


A co-worker of mine did a year in Iraq as an infantry platoon Sergeant a few years ago. His Guard unit is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in the near future. He would much rather go back to Iraq…


Way out of my .30-40 Krag realm here…GREAT PICS…Judging by the elevation of the weapon, the target must be somewhat distant…my question is, just out of curiosity, what is the muzzle velocity of the projectile ?


I looks like there are no caisson-pullers here so let me make a guess. They’ll be sure to chime in and correct me.

Velocity is probably the same as you’d expect from any gun or howitzer of that caliber, in the neighborhood of 2600 to 2900 fps. If it uses rocket-assisted projectiles I don’t what the MV would be. 3500?? 4000??? I know very little about the new-fangled weaponry.

The high angle actually indicates a shorter range. Theoretical max range is at 45 degrees elevation but range pattern decreases as elevation increases beyond that. I’d guess they are lobbing that big bullet over a mountain top at a target hidden behind it. That’s what howitzers do.


The crazy thing to me is how many g-forces the projectiles are pulling. I think in 2 directions (not sure)? Forward G’s and lateral G’s.