155mm Howitzer projectile

I am attempting to find what the correct colour scheme should be for this Projectile, a 155mm Howitzer.

The other is a 76mm , I believe from a Saladin armoured car. This too I would like to know what colour it should be.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry about the messy workshop


Are both items British?

Your workshop looks normal to me:-)


The origin is sketchy. The 155mm was on Ebay, a lady had it as a garden ornament & was moving house.
The 76mm I believe is from a Saladin armoured car, which is of British origin but we have them here in Australia.

It depends on what you are trying to represent, if you are trying to reproduce a HE style projectile, the base colour will be OD (Olive Drab) with yellow stencilling.
If the 155mm proj is a smoke or Illum it will be a different base colour & different stencilling.
BTW the PRFs & ARMDC cart. look familiar!
Yes very untidy workshop! LOL. Just like the rest of us.
Regards Ozzi.

HaHa, very good info, Yes the PRFs & 76mm case were from a top fella that I know.
In fact I’ll give him a call, maybe he can steer me right with colours.