155mm ICM: DM662, DM662 Spotter and DM608A1 TP

I am looking for documentation on Rheinmetall’s 155mm submunition carriers DM662 ICM, DM662 ICM Spotter and DM608A1 ICM TP.
Means diagrams and if available factory catalogs/flyers.
Good photos are also welcome.

Interestingly these got DM numbers but were never adopted by the German Army.
Rheinmetall exported these to some countries and those I know about are Finland (all 3 types mentioned) and Denmark who was using the DM662 ICM (but likely also had the TP variant at least).
The DM662 ICM Spotter is quite exotic then!
While Denmark should have disposed of it’s stocks the Finns never bought into the anti-submunitions propaganda and still have their stocks.

Here the only bad image I have of the DM662 which is a ICM-BB de-facto, likely from a Rheinmetall brochure:


Is this of any use?

155 mm Bomblet Proj., Tube Artillery and Development. 1985, Rheinmetall.pdf (1.4 MB)


Brian, thanks!
This now appears to be the source of my image above!
Here obviously before “DM certification”.
Very good to have.

Lets hope more will show up. In particular on the spotter variant and the TP.