15mm BESA

I came across a 15mm BESA case stamped GB 41 WIZ, anyone know the manufacture and what type of projectile that would fit this case etc and where i could get a projectile from.

Greenwood & Batley.

The case was for an AP projectile. Could try an ECRA meeting for a projectile. If you want an unfired AP projectile in the UK, you’ll need a Sec. 5 authorisation on your FAC.

Maybe of help:


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Thanks Guys. So the WIZ denotes AP tracer, was this typical coding for 15mm Besa rounds to denote the types, what other types were used.

Did Labbett write anything on these? Like one of his pamphlets he made on several British made/used calibers?

W indicates armour piercing
I indicates mark 1
Z indicates nitrocellulose powder (as opposed to cordite)

I would imagine that the round would need to include “G” in the headstamp for an APT round but I am only speculating here. G indicates tracer in the British service ammunition that I am familiar with. If you look at the top of the drawing you will see “W.G. Mk. 1Z”. As such, I would expect to see the letter G in the headstamp somewhere if it were an APT round.

Interesting they did not have a HE version.

Looking at the loverly section drawing of the 15mm Besa round, i was wondering if there was a detailed drawing showing the measurements of the projectile with case. May have to machine one up until a projectile is found.

You can scale it off of the drawing using your case as the reference. X=Y/x=y.

Hi Tim, are you sure about the section 5 with these projectiles? Technically the projectiles do have two drive bands which excludes AP projectiles from being section 5…or it used to be unless FAC law has changed in the UK recently?




Section 5 1A (e), Firearms Act 1968, as amended -

any ammunition for military use which consists in or incorporates a missile designed, on account of its having a jacket and hard-core, to penetrate armour plating, armour screening or body armour.

The keyword being jacket. I would think the confusion has arisen because generally speaking, if it hasn’t got a jacket, it’s got a driving band.

With respect to the 15mm BESA AP it’s got a jacket (envelope) and regardless of the formed driving bands falls into the category. However, the experimental 15mm AP, which had solid steel projectiles and had copper driving bands - don’t.

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Thanks for clearing that one up for me Tim.
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