15mm Pinfire


I have a friend who needs a 15mm pinfire cartridge. He needs a carbine round to go with a carbine he just acquired. Is there a difference between pistol and carbine rounds? If you have a dupe, please e-mail mooneypilot@att.net. Thanx.


The 15 mm pinfire carbine has a longer case.
But you can always shoot a short case ctge in a carbine.
Therefore in many catlogues they offer the short case as carbine ctge (because they don’t manufacture the longer one!)


Thanks. I appreciate the info and will pass it on.


JP–What are the two case lengths. I have a 15mm PF that I have always assumed was a pistol round, but maybe it is a carbine round instead.


I have in my collection:

20 to 22 mm short case (depending of manufacturers) for revolver (it is the standard length)
14.50 to 16. 25 mm extra short case (for revolver or Perhaps walking stick ?)

I have already seen (but I don’t have unfortunately !) longer cases (25 mm to 30 mm) designed specially for carbines