15mm Pinfires & Updates to my Website & Photography Tips


Photography Tips:
I recently bought a “Portable Photo Studio”/Light Tent for product photography from Amazon (Here is the link to the one I bought) and have been retaking pictures of some of my collection.

If you are looking for an excellent way to get great looking images this is the best I have found for the price. Without any photo editing it takes a great picture, and only needs a little bit of editing to get an outstanding picture (All i did on the following images was, using Adobe Photoshop, adjusted the curves by setting a white point from sampling the background, and a grey point from sampling the lead and other minor curves adjustments on a couple)

15mm Pinfires:
Here are the 15mm pinfires that are now in my collection. They are all the same scale so you can get a really good idea of their size in relationship to each other.

Some notable ones are:
#4: 15 M [over] MADRID
#12 KYNOCH & CO [over] 15 M/M [over] BIRM
and the dummies and shot cartridges

The whole list with more information on some is available on the website.
Link to 15mm Pinfires

Also, here is an image with them laid out horizontally. Click it for full size.

Updates to my Website:
The Cartridge Freedom Act

I have added a few nice features since I last linked to my webpage on here.
[li]There are things for sale,[/li]
[li]The aesthetics are greatly improved[/li]
[li]There is a lot more info on pinfire boxes[/li]
[li]Updated “Maces section” where you will find a couple more example of my new photography tecnique[/li]
[li]And many other things[/li][/ul]


Excellent work. What camera do you use? On a tripod?