15mm spotter ID help

FA 15mm spotter, no headstamp case, no color ID on projectile. Case isn’t tinned or stained so doesn’t seem like a proof.

FAT161E3 case


If the case is 115 mm then probably 15x115 FN MILO Exp.


It’s 120mm

Itsa a pitty, on BOCN Forum is only short info. Case is simillar to your.


I have on;y 15x115 to comparise :-(


My round is most definitely a Frankford Arsenal 15mm spotter. HWS vol3 page 376-378. Everything about it matches, except for the projectile not having any color. It was sold to me as XM170, but it has a hollow point. It was labeled Proof, which would be XM171 but that would be nickel or stannic stained.

ETA: I’m not unhappy with it at all (picture showed exactly what I got) but I just want to correctly ID it.

Propably someone will answer with more knowledge :-) I mainly deal with HS.



HS? Hispano Suiza? If so, I have some questions about that too :)

your bullet is NOT a hollow point but a spotter bullet (very similar to 12.7x76 BAT)
you can see the “primer” at the tip of bullet

and well is a 15x120 spotter (the 15x115 milo has different extractor groove and shorter neck)

Does anyone have better pictures of the variants of FA 15mm spotters?

I said hollowpoint. I can’t tell if it’s a primer or plugged. Said hollow point to differ it from the HPT ball description.

No Hispano :-) HeadStamps

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