16 & 14- inch BB Barrels Move to Phoenix


YouTube video about moving a 16- inch gun barrel from the USS Missouri and 14- inch gun barrel from the USS Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona for a permanent display. Commemorating the entrance of the U.S. into WW2 with the attack on Pearl Harbor and sinking of the USS Arizona. And the end of WW2 with the surrender of the Empire of Japan on the USS Missouri. Are any 14" or 16" projectiles included in the display?




FWIW: The USS Arizona had 14" rifles, not 16".



Thanks for the correction.



Gun show down there 27-28th come on out & see if any are displayed.


AWESOME Video, BD! Thank you!

I just bought gobs of books on Iowa Class Battleships off of ebay trying to learn more about these amazing gun systems, ships and crew members.



Check out the Navy training film on the 16" turrets and their operation.