16" Battleship projectile fuzes?


Can anyone tell me what nose fuses were used in the 16" HC/HE Naval projectile AFTER WW2?

I have literature that lists the MK29 PD and the MK62 Mech Time fuze were used early on, but I’m sure that something newer was used in Viet Nam, Kuwait and Iraq especially after the Variable Time Fuze came out. Anyone know what was used in those conflicts?

Thanks - Terry


According to my references, in 1988 the following fuzes were in inventory: MK 21 BD for AP projos, MK 29 PD for HCHE projos, MK 48 BD for HC projos, MK55 AD for HCHE projos. VT fuzes were developed during WW2, I have not heard of using VT fuzes for 16", although it is certainly possible for shore bombardment, but not for AA.


Thanks Mike! I knew you would have the correct info for the proper fuze’s for this projectile.



Thanks guys.

What yoou list matches pretty well with the document I have but I think it is older than 1988.

I know that the PDF most commonly mentioned is the MK29 (of which I cannot find a single one to buy) and a mech time fuze MK62.

All of the others you mentioned were Aux Det or Base Det fuzes. I’m looking for a Point Det fuze. I can’t believe that they kept using the MK29 all those years but if your doc is 1988, it sure looks that way.

Thanks again.