.16 ga Au Miroir Paris

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Indeed very nice, I believe this referred to a devise to scare birds from fields. Perhaps with actual mirrors and noise. Here is ia pinfire headstamp showing the device. Also a 16 bore by H.B.

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hello :
it is a trade mark of Henri Barthe in 1879.
the shotshells are for any use.

And the machine shown is not to discard birds, but to attract them .
It is a lark mirror




A lark mirror is a small mirror used to attract and trap small birds attracted to shiny things.

“In several languages (French, Italian, etc.) the saying “mirror for larks” is used to refer metaphorically to an apparently attractive offer that is really just trying to attract gullible people.”


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“Specchietto per le Allodole”
(It. “Mirror for the Swallows”)
Has come into general Italian use
as " a distraction, a lure, etc to trick people."…especially in politics!

Original used in " uccelagione"…
Mass Netting of small birds, usually in orchards in Italy…now banned with serious penalties, but still persists in Rural South Italy.
Doc AV

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In 1967 during a European walk-about I had a one month or so job driving a small truck for an Austrian who had a store in Stuttgart Germany selling decorative things to Americans who were stationed at the local base. So we traveled all over mostly northern / middle Italy, buying leather, ceramics, carved alabaster & things like that. At one shop we got invited to lunch & the family served skewers of small birds, cooked whole. Not to my taste I have to admit.


That just might beat being served chilled monkey brain.

I thought the monkey brains were served hot from the monkey.

Would not have been any more apetizing, I think…