Anybody to ID this 16GA headstamp?

Image from the web.


try lignose or MWS (depending on the picture on the tube if it exists)



Ok, so it is German?


I have encountered “GARANTIE” on 24 gauge pinfire used on Excelsior grenade launchers… should be of some German / Austrian origin…


But the Excelsior launcher was French to what I know.


I have one ; GARANTIE on 12 , 16 SB in oval 16 . and on 12GA ; 12 GARANTIE 12 B , and 32GA ; * G A R A N T I E * 14 m/m , and : on 24GA : GARANTIE * 24 *

                   Photo I can do tomorrow.



Yes, you are right, but it appears to have been used by Austrians too.
Several specimens of both the grenade and launchers have been found in Bucovina (germ. Bukowina) in Austro-Hungarian-Russian front lines. As you can see the launcher tube is a bit different , mostly the lid.
Pics via a metal detecting forum.


This one is from MWS



Jeanpierre, here you mean “Munitions- und Waffenfabrik Sömmerda”?

Razvan, thanks again!

So we can say for sure it is German.


MWS is Munitionswerke Schönebeck a Elbe



Good I have asked! Thanks!


Just a thought, I have this drawing and one picture (I have looked for the case but can’t find it, I don’t tend to keep non British ones for very long).

JP, SFM manufactured?

Also this one, I don’t know. I had it listed as German but was never confident?


Well, that means we are back to the question who it is then…


bomb 20 Garantie 20 bomb Paris is for Lucas in Paris (made by SFM)

  • Garantie * 16 is MWS

They are about 30 different hstps with Garantie name


30? That is a lot! So as so often we have to observe the appearance and design of the hs.
Again thanks for clarification!