16 gauge Horrido quistion


Before 1990 the name was VEB Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck/Elbe
Later the plant was taken over by Lapua. One of there brand names was Horrido.
In 2015 they stopped with the production of shot cartridges.

Now I see that these cartridges are made by FAM-PIONKI Sp in Poland

I know that Lapua is belonging to the Norwegian Nammo concern.
Is there any connection with Pionski?




Dutch, after WW2 this brand was owned in the GDR by VEB Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck and later Anhaltinische Chemische Fabriken (ACF) GmbH, who advertized this cartridge until 1991 (post-reunification). However, in the west it was owned by Gustav Jehn GmbH and later changed hands to SK Jagd- und Sportmunitions GmbH, Lapua GmbH, Nammo Schöenebeck GmbH, and finally back to Gustav Jehn GmbH, so no longer connected to the Nordic group.





Thank you very much.