16 inch Shell USS New Jersey

For the big bore fans. Was cleaning out an SD card of photos from a Marine Reunion in Philadelphia and found these. The high resolution photo has the marking on the base of the shell much clearer.

Very nice! I want one!


Awesome photo! I love the big bore stuff :-)

PS: Thanks for your Service!

Steve–If your serious about wanting a 16" projectile, they are available:


Click on Collectibles–>Inert Ammunition–>Scroll down to the 16" Projectile.

DESCRIPTION : 16 INCH H.C. H.E. MK14 MOD 0 Naval artillery shell with nose cap,adapter and fuse. Demil cut on nose end. These shells are aprox. 5 feet long and the shipping weight is 1896 lbs. This shell can only be shipped via freight truck. The shell ships as CLASS 95 FREIGHT. You will need access to a forklift or lift gate to unload the shell.
PRICE : $950.00
SHIPPING : Please contact Mike Scott at Freightquote.com for shipping quotes. His number is 1-800-323-5441 x1652.

Anybody want to split an order to save on shipping? I’ll take two.

You can put them at the end of the drive way as gate posts;>)

Or attach wheels and an engine and drive one to work.

No need for shipping Ray, just roll them home ;-)

Were the weights marked on the shell for just the projectile unloaded or the loaded and fused round? This one on the New Jersey is marked 1741 pounds.

Is that price with shipping? WOW! Gonna cost that to ship!


“SHIPPING : Please contact Mike Scott at Freightquote.com for shipping quotes.”


Sportclay, I can’t read the shell base on the USS New Jersey.

The 16" HC MK 13 has a weight of loaded projectile 1900 lbs.

The information you can read on the 16" HC MK 14 MOD 0 , makes not clear this is loaded or not. But 1536 lb looks like this is the unloaded weight.

If the shell is a MK 14 and marked 1741 lbs this should be the weight of loaded projectile.

The yellow paint is the explosive indicator for Explosive D.

The marking on the base of the New Jersey shell is from 11 o’clock; WT 1741 LBS, beneath that WT COMP, At 1 o’clock; 16" HC MK13 MOD 2; At the bottom from 8 0’clock LOT NO 16??

I always get a kick out of the photos showing guys rolling these projectiles on the deck. That would be fine if the ship was dry-docked or pierside. The 2700 pounders were secured, one to a pallet/carrier. The 1900 pounders were shipped, two to a pallet, for a total of 4,000 pounds (or so). Even when we were anchored off Seal Beach, it did not take much of a roll to get a pallet jack moving with a load. At least the jack had a brake, or could be turned sharply, to stop a runaway! I guess if a projectile was rolled fore and aft, there would be less of a chance of an uncontrolled rollaway. Side to side would be a different matter! UNREPs were always fun with 16" ammunition, too.

That’s the 1900lbs loaded.

Correction the MK 14 has a weight of 153.6 explosive D not 1536 shell. Sorry about that.

Thanks guys for all the info! I would be kinda neat to have one of these but, I would have to be able to justify the new lawn ornament to my better half.