16g Pinfire Shotshell -> 6mm Flobert Rimfire reducer tube and adapter

I saw this yesterday on NaturaBuy and picked it up. Hopefully it arrives safely!

It is an adapter and reducer tube to shoot 6mm Flobert rimfire cartridges from a 16g pinfire shotgun!

Anyone ever see anything like it?

@powdertin does this mean I need to start collecting Floberts again now since I can shoot them from my pinfire guns!?

I’ll take better and more detailed pictures once it arrives.

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I hope you don’t decide to collect Floberts again. Based on the way you collect pinfires, I don’t need the competition.
Very nice piece. I have never seen anything like that before. The French were very ingenious and still are.

Hi, now, it’s not easy to make buisness & shipping between US & France,
recently i want buy one old book from Hoyem in USA,but shipping coasts & customs taxes are really too much . In France, we are newer sure to obtain the packet (Too many thefts by agents …)
Bsrg, Dan

I have probably bought dozens of things from France and UK and Russia and Ukraine and Latvia and Spain over the past few years and have never ran into a problem so far!

The problem is especially in France, at the level of the distribution of the parcels by overloaded and exploited subcontractors, and not controlled. Generally, they sign the distribution themselves. the phenomen was accentuated with the epidemic. It is said that the packets fall from the truck …

It arrived!


What a cute little device!

The firing pin location for the subcaliber cartridge looks very central. Is this one confirmed to be for 6mm Flobert? Or is it for some center fire cartridge?

Now that is COOL!!!
Thanks for posting pictures and sharing with us Aaron,

Aaron, collecting floberts again? I think you would be disappointed by the lack of variations and headstamps. Stick to pinfires. Your device is a flobert device not technically a pinfire device. As such it should be in Canada and not in Texas. Also, it’s a sorry excuse for a shot shell. I would be happy to dispose of that rusty piece of iron for you…

Super neat.👍


That confused me too, but it actually does not hit in the center, as it swivels more toward the top. But it sure seems like it may be better suited for hitting a centerfire primer. I don’t have any centerfire cartridges to test it with though to see! Maybe one of those sarbacane cartridges with the big primer on the base would work?

In Argentina not only packets but also letters are stolen currently in the mail…probably one of the planet worst “postal system”


why you do not mesure
rear chamber diameter and
rim diameter
rim depth
rear diameter
of the chamber ?


I will do that soon. I think my calipers are still packed somewhere from my recent move.