17-32 S&W long

A friend of mine called to ask if I had ever heard of a 32 Smith & Wesson long necked down to .17. A customer of his had a rifle chambered in this and was looking for information. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Bob


Here is a recent thread on the subject:


Thanks Dave
I’m not sure how I missed that.
I’ll make him a copy of that post.

Here is another possibility.
17 Brakefield
Here is a picture of the Brakefield. It looks like it has a longer body and shorter neck than Bruce’s cartridge. Hs is ЯR, of Ed Reynolds and Will Reuter…
A google search showed a .17 Blakefield in an auction also, but I don’t know anymore about it. Hope helpful.

First step, make a chamber cast, it is the only way to know what cartridge fits, and there are several .17 that could/might/maybe fit.

Dan and Jack
I’ll see if my friend can get measurements or a case.
I have not seen either and am just going on what he told me.
If I can find more I will post.
Thanks again

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