17.5mm Dutch Snider - photos needed

I am looking for photographs of any variations of the 17.5x29r Dutch Snider for an upcoming Arms Heritage Magazine article. You will, of course, get credit and a copy of the article. Contact me here or via email directly at cyberwombat@comcast.net.

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I can help you , will send you pict’s this weekend

I have this information but I’m not sure if it’s the right one

Go to DeVries &Martens book on Dutch Rifles 1860s to 1895…all the
Snider developments incl the Cartridges…Copyright permission required.
Doc AV

lot 604 in sale #17 is a 17.5z29 R Model 1867 2nd model



Great photos, thanks muchly!

Would you happen to have an ISBN for that book?

S.I. Publicaties B.V. Arnhem
ISBN 90-805583-3-8

The Book is in Dutch (Nederlandse) and the Title is
" Nederlandse Vuurwapens"

  • Landmacht, Marine en koloniale
    troepen 1866-1895.

An excellently produced book, with
Period Photos, Engravings, and Modern Photos from Museum examples. Dutch language, of course but technically understandable by anyone with good English and some or more
German…like me.

Doc AV
Down under.

Yes it was, see - Arms Heritage Magazine. Vol 9 Issue 6.

The link provided for the article does not work for some reason.

Looks like you need a subscription.