17 Alton Jones bullet


Have a 17 Alton Jones centerfire (Velo Dog CF case) with A.J. .17 Hdst that has a bullet that looks like it was swaged from a commercial 22 bullet. There is a cannelure about halfway between the case mouth and the tip and several small wrinkles like a badly reformed case along the straight length of the bullet. Several comercial bullet manufactures produced 22 bullets with that type of cannelure before WW-2. Any bites?



GuyHildebrand wrote a little article on these some time back on his site,

Here is what his sample looks like,

Here is the paragraph he wrote too. I would imagine he may have more info?


Shaved head for new Hdst threw me now see it is a Hornet case.
Mine is the same as number 4. Is the bullet swaged from a commercial 22 jacketed bullet?