.17 alton jones scorpion


Can any one give me any information on Alton Jones who developed the .17 A.J. Scorpion and some others. Where did he live. What ewas the name of his company?


The only info I have is on the .14 Jones and I’m assuming that this is Alton Jones if so it says he lived in Portland, Oregon.
Info from Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders Vol 2 by PO Ackley.


Simon–Thanks for the information. Yes, that is the same Alton Jones. He is famious for the following: .14 Jones Express rimfire and the .145 A.J., .17 A.J. Scrorpion; .240 Rimless and .26 A.J. Pistol centerfires.


Five of the Alton Jones cartridges are pictured with a short descriptive writeup (unfortunately, no info about Alton Jones) on my web page at;
and below (I hope):


I failed to mention that the first cartridge in the picture above is a .22 long rifle for comparison; the Alton Jones cartridges to its right in order are .14 Jones Express rimfire, .145 A.J., .17 A.J. Scorpion, .240 A.J. rimless, and .26 A.J. Pistol.


Guy–Guess what. Your article and picture is where I got the list of A.J. Jones’ other cartridges that I referred to in my earlier post… I wish had all of his cartridges but the only ones I have are .14 Express Rimfire and the .17 Scorpion.


There’s supposed to be a .22 based on the .30 Carbine case which I don’t have, so my grouping is not yet complete either. There’s always something that needs to be found.