.17 HMR and .17 Mach 2

In a conversation with a local gun shop owner, I mentioned how I had a Taurus model 162 (.17 HMR) and that they don’t make them anymore. I was wondering why. The dealer said he thought the .17’s were on their way out.

What do you think about the .17 HMR and .17 Mach 2 's… We own a few guns chambered for each. Just wondering if we should stock up on the ammo worrying it would go the way of the 25 Stevens…

It probably would not hurt to put away a few boxes. With todays modern priming mixes the cartridges will most likely outlast you or your husband as far as shelf life. However, availability of cartridges tends to FAR outlast the making of the guns. Ammunition is still being made for guns that have not been made for 40 or more years.

OK… I’ll just put aside a couple boxes to be in my collection.

Quite a few .17 cal weapons at SHOT Show 2008. I don’t think they are on the way out. But they aren’t being pushed/hyped and publicized like have been before.

Good to know… Maybe just the model I had in the Taurus wasn’t a big seller…

A few months back, I was talked into trying the .17 HMR, and went to look for a Ruger 10/22 but found out it had been discontinued. Ended up buying a Ruger Model 77/.17 instead. I can’t find a good price on ammo in bulk, and while it is a nice round, it is expensive to shoot for a rimfire.

We’ve enjoyed it for popping crows off treetops. But it sure wouldn’t be anything to plink like a .22 due to cost.

A year or two ago the 17"s were hot, but seem to have lost fans once the new wore off. The 5mm Rem is a good example of what can happen, it is again in production but how many years were the rounds collector items. The 17’s won’t die overnight, if they do die, but if they get pale and start breathing funny it might be wise to stock up. It is a good mid range varmint round and if used for hunting, versus plinking, a few thousand rounds should keep you in the field for a long time.

Speaking of 5mm. I picked up the sheet that Aguila had at SHOT Show had. I can scan it tonight.