17 pmc

I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the 17 PMC rimfire box…I am trying to obtain a full box and am having trouble locating one Midway had them for sale earlier this year but in my discussion with them today they said the round has been discontinued… It is my understanding that the 17 PMC is the same dimensions as the 17 aguila but they are infact 2 distinct brands…can anyone confirm this??




I don’t have a picture of the box but there is a colored one in the Nov/DEC 2005 IAA Journal (issue 446).


This cartridge was first listed in the 2005 PMC catalog. It is not listed in the 2006 catalog and no rimfires are listed in the 2007 catalog, which now is only for PMC of South Korea, since the "El Dorado Cartridge Co. branch that was in Nevada is now gone. This will probably become a scarce cartridge to find in ten years or so, unless PMC resurrects it.

Thanks You have answered my questions now the hunt begins again…


Is this the one you are looking for?

Thats the one…Thanks I think I have found a box too…I now need to find some 17 High Standard Cartridges…any idea how many variations exsist??

lobo, Just obtained a single specimen of the 17 PMC myself. Still looking for a box full. The 17 Aguila and PMC are actually the same cartridge as the dimensions are the same. There is a controversy as who developed the cartridge and who stole it from the other. When PMC closed the Henderson NV warehouse have been told they destroyed all the stock on hand. The hdst is the double triangle used on all PMC rimfires for a few years. Supposedly PMC does not manufacture “any” rimfire cartridges now.


There was nothing in the way of rimfire’s at PMC’s booth this year at SHOT Show.