17 Winchester Super Magnum

Gary Muckel had a box of 17 WSM at the Reno show. Headstamp is different than the plain W listed in the August American Rifleman. It is a W with a bar across the middle with small 17 WSM. We will see if this is “keeper” or just another of the ad infinitum losers introduced every year the last few years.

Hi Gourd
the Rifleman showed two variations of headstamps & it confused me too. I was hoping the manufactured would be the one you obtained as I liked that one best, (for whatever that’s worth).
Keep your powder dry & sorry i missed the show.

Gourd & Pete,

I have some fired cases from the Reno Show brought back by italian reporters who fired the new cartridge at the shooting range of the show. They have the plain “W” as headstamp