.170 Landis Woodsman and .17 Kimber R-2

What can you tell me about .170 Landis Woodsman and .17 Kimber R-2?
What difference?


Both are wildcat cartridges. The only real difference is in the shoulder angle. The Landis has an angle of 28 degrees and the R-2 either 12 or 15 degrees depending on the whims of the guy grinding the reamer. Both are made from the old 25-20 Single Shot case.

Not to confuse you but both are wildcats of a wildcat of a wildcat. The 25-20 SS case was necked down to 22 caliber in the late 1800s - the 22-20-55 Harwood Hornet. Over the next 40 years there were many variations of the cartridge, mostly in shoulder angle and neck length, and all with different names depending on who the shooter and/or gunsmith was. Then in the 1930s and 40s shooters began necking the 22 caliber cartridges to 17 caliber and a whole new generation of cartridges was born.

I took a quick look thru my photos and couldn’t find one of the 17 calibers but here’s one that shows the daddy of them all, the 25-20 SS and the 22-20-55 Harwood Hornet. Use your imagination for the rest.


Just a few of the 17 caliber wildcats, from one of the largest to one of the smallest.


Tank you very much.

Francois, Charles Landis was an old time small bore competition shooter and woodchuck hunter. He developed the .170 Landis Woodsman in the late 1940’s. If you are interested I will send you the drawing and dimensions of the cartridge. Just give me your email.


Does anyone have any .17 cal that they would be interested in selling?


Hello gourd
Could you email your diagram of the 170 Landis Woodsman I am trying to get a reamer made and any info you could supply would be helpful.


Gourd will eventually see this and send you the drawing, I’m sure.

Before you invest in a reamer and barrel, make sure you have a supply of brass. I have heard from other wildcatters that the new made 25-20 SS brass is not very good quality. OK safety-wise but getting good accuracy has been a problem.

I found my photo of my Landis Woodsman and put it back into my photobucket account.

Good Luck with your project.