18 gauge UMC Shot Shell

Acquired this shell recently and this is the story I heard. UMC was asked to produce some 18 gauge shells, how many I don’t know. The shells were stamped 18 gauge however the tool used to impress the head stamp broke and the 20 gauge tool was used, which I believe is called a bunter. Several questions, does anyone know the time period these shells were made & how many? This shell has 18 on the top wad and 20 on the shell head, is there a difference in value for those shells head stamped with 18?


park value for these shells if known? Thanks


Transcribed from the U.M.C. Ledger:

I heard it the other way around on the bunter - that they ran a batch with the 20 Ga. bunter while the 18 Ga. bunter was being made.

Edited to add ballpark value of $75- $100 on these.


Hey thanks for the info, appreciate the history of the shell.