18 mm Tabatière - distance measure

Unusual men’s distance measuring device for Tabatière rifle and 2 different rounds. A bit different than an electronic scope…


Great items!

The “stadia” is a primitive range estimating device. In the U.S. Army they were first introduced in Henry Heth’s 1858 marksmanship training manual (the first used by the U.S. army to try to take advantage of the greater accuracy of the rifled arms recently adopted using Minie balls instead of smoothbore muskets with round balls). Heth’s manual drew heavily on French military sources gathered during a visit there, shortly before publishing his manual.

Brass or silver stadia devices were to be given as awards for competition at certain levels. Later, stadia were issued for actual use during the Civil War. In the post-Civil War era, they were resurrected as marksmanship prizes in a few units which retained any interest in marksmanship. By the 1880s, there was a huge surge in shooting interest, but stadia do not seem to have been very much in use as prizes then.

In use, the stadia was held at a set distance from the eye, using a lanyard worn around the neck, and by aligning a standing individual in the tapered slot, you could read off the approximate range.

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That’s also very interesting John

This is the Stadia that Frankford Arsenal made- there was a company a few years ago making nice repros, cannot find them, still looking for one:
Frankford Arsenal Range Finder

I have a copy of this one, not nearly as accurate:
Rifle Stadium 01

Well, yeah, that’s a one strange measuring device. Nowadays they are much stronger than dozens of years before. For example this website ( https://www.agmglobalvision.com/thermal-imaging/thermal-monoculars ) gave me an opportunity to choose from different monoculars, and the best model for me is AGM ASP TM35-384. It wins in comparison.