18 x 81 Tarantule EOD Disruptor?

I ve got this in czech republic with this Designation, but no more info.
It has a screw in primer, a Plastic “bullet” which breaks off from the case. Made by ena as lot 1 -1997…but I cannot find anymore info.
Someone here, who has more insight??
Thx for reply…

Sorry for photoshopping the pic, but i had to take sticker markings away…

Peter, the name is “Tarantul”.
No details I can come up with other than that these are made of 12.7x108 cases.
I remember them with steel and aluminum noses and I may be mistaken but they also could be unscrewed and filled with water or other material.

There are also 1999 made by “PoS”.

There is also a version with a closing plug only to be used with liquids or powders.

The experimental versions have different projectiles and also exist with steel cases (old 1950s made).

On the samples here, there is nothing, which can be screwed away. The tip is weak iron plated with cronak or similar coating. The steel primer is screwd into the case base, but the screw is secured by some punching marks…
The name Tarantule was written on the outside by black ink, but was from the seller…and maybe incorrect…
but maybe some of our czech Readers knew more about it…


Peter, the development was a joint effort between Fortel and ÚTIA (Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences), both located in Prague, and was presented to the public in 1997 under the “Tarantule” name. By the end of that year six prototypes were manufactured by CZ in Uherský Brod, while the cartridges were made by Poličské strojírny a.s. in Polička (ena/PoS).

I have also seen examples without headstamp or made from LVE (188) cases from the 1980’s.

A picture of the device:



Sorry for the miss-spelling of “Tarantul”, this is how it came from a Czech guy in the ammo business there.

The primer is an EKV-23A.
The shown projectile has plastic fins (part of the projectile body).
In Fede’s image the steel cases can be seen.

It’s TARANTULE on Czech language and TARANTULA in English language!
Here some snap shot from my collection of brochures.

Thanks a lot EMZ!


thx from me too


Here the entry at the Slovak ECRA site:

The short cartridge has a cup type closing plug and is used with liquids or other loose material like sand or other granulate.