1885 45-70

In 1885 the Canadian Militia purchased several 45-70 Gatling guns and commercial ammo for them. What hs would a 45-70 ctg of this era have. I believe the ammo was Winchester.

Likely the small ring variation of “W.R.A.Co. 45-70” (may, or may not, have a dot in front of the “.45”)
A small ring has a narrow raised ring around the primer with the headstamp impressed in the ring. The large ring is much wider while the headstamp is basicaly the same and in the ring.
Both of these headstamps are found with the 405 and 500 grain bullet loads.
See page 75, of Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police by Phillips & Klancherfor a (very) brief mention of the 1885 Metis battle.
hope this is of help.

Thank you Pete.