1888 Commission Clip

All, I picked up this very nice clip with all matching headstamps AND matching clip with the “Almost Circled M”. My question is, and I know this is Jiri Roth Company, but I’ve read that this company moved around a lot in the 1930’s, these are all 1933 head stamped. Can someone place these exactly for me?
![image|690x920](upload://fqf OaR9EcAfBgr2Zz6ix3TSSjPb.jpeg)

Prior to WW2 the Czech Government controlled all arms and ammunition manufacture under the title Zbrojovka Brno (Brno Arms Factory). Upon the government take-over of the ex J.Roth Bratislava factory in 1928, the company became known as the “Československé muniční a kovodělné závody a. s., Bratislava.”. M in circle HS used from 1928-1934


Awesome, Bratislava, thank you sir, great info!

Factory was moved Povaske Bystrica, further into Slovakia, in1933-35, and headstamp changed to “Z”.
This factory, under all its names and locations, made mostly Export Ammunition
The M88 ammo would have been made for Abyssinia, Equador, and China in this period…and anybody else with 88 type rifles still.

Doc AV

Does “M” stand for “Moravia”?

Thanks Doc, more great info. I was also wondering who was still using this weapon at that time…

@Vlad, no, that makes no sense because Moravia is the South East region of the Czech part of former Czechoslovakia.


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This subject has been discussed before here.

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I thought Brno was the capital of Moravia.
From Wikipedia:
Moravia’s largest city and historical capital is Brno . Before being sacked by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years’ War, Olomouc was another capital, and it is still the capital of the archbishopric.
And yes, I asked the same question before, and was told it stood for “Munitions”. Repetition is a Mother of learning (in my case maybe just old age).

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