18x45 AND 18,5x55 Ammo-Boards

At IWA in Nürnberg I got some Boards from this socalled non-lethal ammo.
All are inert and originally with an electric primer. Details can be seen on the descriptions.
But non lethal ??
The rubber/metal bullet of the Impact shock in the caliber 18,5mm has 30 to 90 Joule, nothing I like to be hit with…

Be Aware of the 2 different calibers 18 and 18,5mm !!

Here the pics:




Nice boards, no make that very nice.

To my mind the term “Non-lethal” seems to have a lot of room, some of the 37 or 40mm rubber riot bullets that need to be bounced into the target area have to be lethal even after the bounce if you factor in range & hit placement.

Who is “OSA” and what city and country are they in?

John Moss

A small bit of info:


Apparently part of the Rostec business conglomerate located in Russia: https://rostec.ru/en/innovations/projects/non-lethal-osa/

Initially Russian invention.

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Some examples of 18x45mm & 18.5x55mm for sale in Russia-




http://bars-guns.ru/news/13772/ (18.5x55mm)


18,5х55 NIIPH Light and sound.

Here now the pics from the leaflet from german/russian Company WASP.
I had to make jpg-pics, and post them separate as jpgs, as a pdf-document was too large…

Shown is also the Special cartridge for the “Dog-Defender”, a short brass case inserted as a 3in1 pack; The single cartrdige cannot be taken out from this plastic-bloc which contains 3 blanks…
The grenades are used from Paintball People, and the Handgrenade with a BANG is also used by Police for cheap Training…

Thank you very much!

18, 18.5 are basically a modified
12 ga. Shell design. A normal 12ga barrel (.729") is 18.2mm.
These metal cases, of course are rimless, so would not chamber in a normal 12 ga. shotgun.

Doc AV

18, 18.5 are basically a modified 12 ga

No, they are not. Thick-walled aluminum alloy case does not need a barrel to be fired safely, its extended mouth serves as a barrel; it is also electrically primed and designed to be non-reloadable.
I owned a 4-barreled OSA-4 less-lethal gun years ago, and now sorta wish I did not sell it. Really useful with flash-bangs at times, against aggressive dogs or 2-legged idiots.

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