.19 Rinfire wildcat

Just received a .19 R F wildcat on a .22 LR case. Is supposed to be of European origin. Any collectors have the scoop on the originator, time frame?


Gourd, would it be possible to get a picture of this? Your round could be someone just playing around. On the otherhand, I have seen an original factory loaded .19 calibre trial/experimental in a collection. A picture would speak volumes.


Here is a pic of the only .19 Rimfire I have.

Ed Reynolds has just put together a whole series of Eichlbergers (sic) which are various rimfires and has them for sale. Vic

Armorer, that look like exactly like what I have. Dimensions are:
case length .616" - 15.64 mm
overall length .998 - 25.35
neck .211 - 5.36
shoulder .224 - 5.70
base .225 - 5.71
head .272 - 6.91
bullet .198 - 5.04
headstamp Super X

Any Idea who developed it. Normally not too many wildcats developed outside of the U.S. and Australia.


Vic, thats where mine came from as I am a regular customer of his. Only collect below 22 caliber wildcats. Ed said he went through a lot of anti acid making the small .14 caliber bullets.


Mine came from Ed as well.

Has anyone come up with a different headstamp on this cartridge that might be an original?
I see my broken down fingers misspelled rimfire so continued it for search purpose.