1904 Mosin-Nagant "904 Л Г II"

It measures approximately 8x53.5mm. I have problems reading the headstamp. It looks like Russian letters " Л " and " Г ", with what looks like " II " at 6 o’clock. It is absolutely non magnetic. Side-by-side with 7.62x54R it looks identical, but I’ve never seen such a headstamp.


Hello sksvlad,
I believe it’s not Russian but a Japanese cartridge, referred to as the “8 x 53mmR Murata”.
I don’t know a great deal about This cartridge but I’m pretty sure it is Japanese.
I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will correct me.

Cheers Hamish

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here is an Imperial 7.62 MN and an 8mm Murata lower.
Sorry can’t help with the 904.

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Based upon 7.62x54R.net website, I think I have a 1904 7.62x54R round. The projectile is still strange to me. Please prove me wrong and tell me I have an 8mm Murata.
“Л” is Луганск (arsenal)
“Г” is the brass supplier (I wish I knew)
“II” is the 2nd trimester of production.
I spent about 40 minutes digging into a bucket of unwanted (translation = does not kill deer) ammo, Dan saw me. This is my reward.

A. No, you do not have a Murata, it is 100% Mosin.
2. Of all people YOU are asking US if it’s Russian!
III. Yes, it is 1904 Russian.

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Brian, great info.
The 1st link above opens a Russian website which says that my " Г " brass supplier is Г - Торговый дом Гилленшмидта ,Тула (trading house Gillenschmidt,Tula).
Also, the Russian website says:
"Слово “триместр”, часто употребляемое для расшифровки данного обозначения не подходит, т.к. означает “трехмесячный” и эквивалентно термину “квартал”.
The word “trimester” which is used frequently for decoding headstamp meaning is not correct because it means “three months”.
That is right because I,II and III comprise 12 months and not 9 months.

M1891 model cartridge Made in 1904.
Arsenal is Lugansk.
Doc AV

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… here’s the charger that your cartridge, and it’s round-nosed brothers might have been packaged in.

Sadly, a victim of over-enthusiastic cleaning by a previous owner.


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