1911 Russian Military Catalog


Here is a link to an Ebay item. It is a 1911 Russian Military Catalog. I am sure if you read Russian (Vlad, can you help us?) that this might be a very interesting catalog.

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … EF:US:1123


In this catalog there is no weapon and cartridges. It is the catalog of one of suppliers of property for army (a horse harness, tools, lanterns, a paint, ware and other)


Another attempt to fool potential buyers.


Cool book, love old stuff, maybe there is ammo on the pages which are not shown in scans.


Well, if it is called “ammo catalog” and none is shown in the samples go figure what is going on.
Check on the TOC which is shown.


it is not AMMO catalog in the sense of this forum; it was published for the HORSE FAIR and contains list of saddlery items and horse pack equipment (including horse drawing setups for artillery pieces - sorry, don’t know the proper wording)

one must remember, though, that in Russian language the word “Ammunition” (Аммуниция) means not only the “ammo” for weapons but also general equipment (i.e. webbing, field gear etc)


Ammunition, Munitions…The Russians adopted the French Term “La Munition” ( the Munition) meaning ( from its Latin root, “to supply” (Munire)…

La Munition ( in both English and Russian) was corrupted into “Ammunition”; where as in English, Ammunition meant specifically the combustibles used in Guns, in Russian it meant all Military supplies…to note that other Romance Languages ( and other Slavic languages also, ) use “munitions” ( in its varied forms) as predominantly regarding Cartridges.

The term has to be read in context of the Language it is used in. It may be used Only for our “Ammunition” of for the larger field " all Miliatry supplies".

“Ammunition Boots” ( British Usage) : Boots supplied by Gov’t Contractors, not by the soldiers themselves, to a common Pattern ( Hobnailed, Low ankle, lace up )

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