1912 Dated Casing- AE Intertwined

Good day,
Anyone have any details on this casing I found in South Africa?
I have been told its either a .303 or .243 casing. I am not a collector, but found this while hiking and am interested to get some of the history behind it.

Gday rich, if you are able to send a side view of the cartridge as well as measurements of the overall length and base, it will be helpful for better identification.

Cheers Hamish

It is a Portuguese (Arsenal do Ejercito, Lisbon) made .303. The .243 is rimless and wasn’t produced until the 1950s

8mm Kropatschek?

Hi, the dimensions are: 42mm to the shoulder and 57mm to top.

7 x 57 Mauser? A popular cartridge in South Africa, as the British Army found to their cost in the Boer War…

6.5x58mm Mauser Vergueiro - 6.5x58mm Portuguese Mauser


This cartridge adopted by Portugal in 1904 and was abandoned by 1937.


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In 1914, the Portuguese colony of Lorenco Marques, transferred alargenumber (25,000) M904 Verguiero Rifles in 6.5x58P to the Union of South Africa Defence Forces ( UDF) along with acouple of milion cartridges.
These were used in the occupation of German SWAfrica ( now Namibia) and in the chaseof Von Lettow- Vorbek’s guerilla force of
German Schutztruppen and Native Askari ( Swahili for soldier) across south central Africa, and they only
Surrendered oncethe Armistice was declared 11 Nov. 1918. The only undefeated German commander and unit of WWI.

The rifles remained in SA, were eventually surplussed, and made into hunting rifles.
Ammunition was madeby Kynock inboth FMJ and Soft Point tillthe late1950s.
Very popular “meat” calibre through out Southern Africa up to Northern Rhodesia ( Zambia, and Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, and of course SA.
I have two original M904 6.5P rifles, they are excellent for both comfort and accuracy…of course, I make the cases and load my own.
'NUFF said.
Btw, original AE cases are Roth Primed. ( flash-hole through anvil).

Doc AV

Thanks for the information guys, it was a cool find and now I have some detail on it. Have a good day and be amazing.

I have the 1937 conversion of the M904 in 8x57. Very well made, lots of fun, but I think the fun would go away if you ruptured a primer. Wear serious eye protection.