1916 18 pounder British artillery trench art

Is “Æ” in the headstamp “Allen Everitt & Sons”?

It seems that AE altered the Bethlehem Steel Co USA contract case into an ash tray after it was sent to UK ? Centre disc replaced the primer.
I have not seen AE on a BSC case before so I also look for an answer.

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The “AE” on the headstamp is not in a rectangle so probably not a repair contractor. I wonder what they did in the process? Also, who was sub-contractor “W” to BSC?

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Allan Everitt & Sons, were listed as cartridge manufacturers and they did make 18 Pr. cases. However, I don’t think they were a volume manufacturer. Thus at war’s end, when they made these mementos, they might have had to source other manufacturers’ cases due to lack of their own. It’s a Winchester made case.