1916 18 Pounder headstamp


A couple of weeks ago at a junk sale, I got a cut down 18 Pounder made in 1916 case that has been made into an ashtray. I don’t really collect this kind of thing, but it was worth the


CF is cordite filled
MAC is Macfarlane Electrical Company, London
NEC CO is Nero Engine Company, Sterling Works, Spon Lane, Birmingham

Cannot help with B_A at present. The rest are inspectors marks and dates.



Thanks, Was the primer installed and the case filled and projectile attached at Macfarlane Electrical Co.? Or was this done at yet another factory. I presume the case, primer, propellant, projectile and fuse would all have been made at different factories.


Yes, all would have been made at different factories. MAC would have made the case, not filled it. Not sure where it would have been filled, as we cannot decypher all the codes. Filling was done at places like Woolwich or the National Shell Factories.