1917 french signal flare pistol flares

Hi, new member here. Forgive me if this question has been addressed but resently it came into my posession a 1917 french flare pistol. This pistol is in great working condition and my question is, is there in current production, flares that will fit its 25mm bore and be safley fired from it, avaliable to purchase?

No one here is allowed to, or should answer your question about is something safe to fire in your gun.
You need to see a competent gunsmith to get an answer for that.

As to current production I would suggest a internet search. Not knowing where you reside (this is a worldwide forum) plus the fact of very likely local or federal laws governing pyrotechnic shipments it’s hard to answer your question.

If your in the US try a gun show? I see various flares for sale here in AZ, but no idea about other states.

Good luck.

I understand and i appreciate your answer. I’ve been searching for an answer to this question and as much as i would like to fire off a round, I’m not desiring the possible injuries that could result from the wrong ammo. I thank you for your reply.

All of my French 25mm flares are brass cases from 1930’s.
I do not know if more modern flares were made-not seen them.
Old 1930’s ones would be deteriorated with age and would possibly not fire.

The flares i see made today are tapered and i wouldn’t dare take a chance with them. The gentleman I conversed with earlier is right. I’m going to have to find someone who can customize some rounds for me.

““The flares i see made today are tapered””
What do you mean by tapered ?

The diameter is significantly different from one end to the other.

you mean the body diameter (except the rim) is not te same at the mouth and close to the rim ??
give me the mouth diameter and the diameter close to the rim please

I don’t have calipers to measure but its description states it’s a straight bore 25mm. The 25mm flares I’ve been finding appear to be plastic and the top half of the flare is noticeable smaller than the bottom half. I’m sure it’s intended for a different gun.

i am curious to see a picture of the 25 mm flares you have seen

I guess I’m not tec savvy enugh to pull a picture and post it but if you do a Google search for 25mm flares for sell its pictured there.

I also was wondering about the tapered flares. I viewed the item.
I think makers are confusing 25mm with 1" or 26.5mm sizes. I may be wrong?? The French cartridges have a very thin rim so that 1" shells do not chamber. The 1" shells are too thick in the rim just like the ones shown on google seem to be. If the diameter is correct you could thin the rim in a lathe but why bother. Keep your pistol as a souvenir. Ron.

Can someone confirm if that blue gripped ORION flare gun is actually a 25mm? Does it only fire those 25mm shells or can it chamber the normal 26.5mm shells? I will have to find one for the collection.

the Orion flares are special and not designed for a 1 inch flare gun.
Most of the 1 inch flares yoou find on the market (german, french, Tchekoslovakian and so on) have a thin rim and perfectly fit a french gun.
I used to shoot a lot of them

Ya id hate to damage it. It belonged to someone very close to me.

I thank jeanpierre for the Orion information. I must find one, and a cartridge.
We both know that those 1" shells chamber in the French pistols but you cannot close the barrel until the rim is turned down to 28.4mm to fit the chamber.

Can you tell me the model and make of your French signal pistol that can fire standard 1"/ 26.5mm cartridges without rim reductions of the cartridge. Also the maker of the cartridges that you used that fit? I have a few and they all must have the rim reduction to chamber. I collect flare guns. Ron.

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Interesting forum on flareguns. Think I will join. Thanks.

ORION makes two different 25mm flare cartridges wrich are Coast Guard approved. They are designed for a red plastic flare gun, which has been marketed by many companies, among others, Winchester, with a black body and red grips.

One had a ‘short base’ intended for ‘Johnny boater’ the other has a ‘long’ base’, and there is a considerable cost difference.




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