1917 us navy mk iii semple tracer fuze

I removed a SEMPLE Mk III TRACER FUZE from a scrap 3"/50 AP Shell from the 1926 Lake Denmark (NJ) Naval Depot explosion. Took a few photos so that the future will know what they looked like. The specimen is well preserved despite coming from an exploded shell. The innovated removal worked well. I epoxied the wood block to the stem after heating the shell to loosen the threads. Fuze came right out. I then burned the wood and epoxy away from the stem of the fuze. Love the graphic on this one. The other two only had an anchor. The spiral grooves aren’t mine, probably from the tool used to install them.


John, the “spiral grooves” are from the turning process when the tool is moved back after the last run and then shaves off some of the surface (often observed when things are “done the fast way”).

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