1925 & 1927 Unknown fuze(From the China)

I can only judge by other similar examples(Fuze Marking) that the fuze is made in Mukden Arsenal(Northeast China),And the production year is 1925 and 1927.
I coulden’t find any infomation about Type of fuze(Unknown Type).The fuze has the same structure as Japanese Type 88 large instantaneous fuze,but the screw thread is different from Type 88.
Anybody can help me?

Japanese Type 88 instantaneous large fuze and Unknown Chinese fuze:

Unknown fuze disassembly:

Japanese instantaneous large fuze disassembly:


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Great info! Thanks a lot for sharing these images.

The unknown fuze and Type 14 fuze have the same year marking format(both are year marking format of the fuze is the Mukden’s) and the same threads (both are whitworth55º-15/16-12-left).

The type 14 fuze data:

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Great info and Data! Keep it coming.

If you part with the two Chinese unknown fuzes and Type 14 fuze I might be interested.