1927 Agreement between RWS and Geco

I have seen a number of sources that indicate that in 1927 RWS and Geco reached an agreement that RWS would manufacture rifle ammunition for both and Geco would manufacture pistol ammunition for both. Seperately, I have been told that this agreement only applied to commercial ammunition (i.e. not ammunition made for the German military).

A question has come up relative to the “N” boxes discussed in a seperate thread https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/9x19-rws-nurnberg-headstamp-from-1933/29054/3

whether the RWS headstamped cartridges were made by RWS or in Durlach by Geco. The basic question is whether, under the terms of the agreement, were these (and some other cartridges) considered commercial or military.

Does anyone have a copy of the actual agreement??? If so, it would be great to have a copy available.

The best description of this agreement that I have found is at https://geco-munition.de/en/geco-world/brand.html where it states:

Conclusion of a community of interest contract with the RWS or rather the Dynamit Aktiengesellschaft (Dynamit Limited Company) of Alfred Nobel & Co., the biggest ammunition factory in Nuremburg. Manufacture of pistols and small-shot cartridges for both companies in the Durlach factory, Manufacture of rimfire and Flobert cartridges, revolver cartridges, metal sleeves, percussion caps and air gun pellets in the factories in Stadeln and Nuremburg.

This agreement states that caps were to be made at Stadeln which may have included Sinoxid primers. Another reference (100 jahre Werk Stadlen) states that, in 1929 “The entire pistol- and shotgun ammunition production was moved from Stadeln to Geco at Durlach.”

Can anyone shed light on this issue?