1928 Frankfort M1911 box

This cartridge collecting is just blowing my mind! Some folks in town know my interest in this and from time to time unload stuff in my hands for free. Today it was this.

The box and labels are coming un-glued but it is complete, all 20 rds and even the cloth opening strip. After a little restoration I’ll scan and post pics. But I am just amazed at what people give me! This was truly an early Easter present.

This is after a little careful restoration.

This is a particularly cool box of ammo to me. 1 because I don’t have one like it and 2, because it was stored in an ammo can in a shed near here when Hurricane Hugo smashed us about 20 yrs ago. The shed was destroyed and the contents scattered all over the woods. Several months later it was found and opened. This box was shelved until I got it several days ago.