1929 2 Pounder case


I went to the junk sales this morning, and picked up an unusual inter war (1929) 2 Pounder (40x158R) case. This case had a metal attachment soldered to the top where someone had made it into a lamp (all other lamp parts since long gone. This metal attachment came off easily by heating it with a blowtorch and melting the solder holding it on. The case also has a hold drilled in the side just above the rim for the lamp cable. It also contained three 1/2" ceramic balls.

Anyway, the markings on the case head are: “2 PR I & II GUNS & 9.5 IN.D.C.T. LOT 255 RL N 1929 /|” Also other minor inspectors marks. The primer markings are: “RL 3/26 99 RL 10/26 No5 II N”, also with minor inspectors marks.

What is a “9.5 IN.D.C.T.” ? I guess the 2 Pounder round was used as a subcalibre round for some sort of naval gun. Am I right? How rare is this case, I have only ever seen WW2 dated examples.


Can anyone tell me what a “9.5 IN.D.C.T.” is in relation to the 2 Pounder round?