1933 list of standard calibers and loads for U.S. makers

In 1933 the Bureau of Standards published a “simplified list of stock items” regarding commercial small arms ammunition- rimfire, centerfire, handgun, rifle and shotgun. Apparently this was approved by ammo producers in an attempt to weed out some of the obsolete calibers and use of smokeless in black powder calibers or vice versa.
It seems to list calibers still to be made, with black or smokeless powder, FMJ or soft point, shot sizes, length of shotshells, etc. This might be useful for some one.

Just look on pages 1081-1083. Right there between cupboard door latches and line carrying guns.

U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Standards, Standards and Specifications for Metals and Metal Products, Miscellaneous Publication No. 120, 1933


Very interesting document. Thank you for sharing.

Edit for those interested not only in the pages mentioned: entire download is 95MB